Open source contributions


GeoKettle is a "spatially-enabled" version of Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle). Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) is a powerful, metadata-driven ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tool dedicated to the integration of different data sources for building data warehouses. It is part of the open source BI (Business Intelligence) software suite designed by Pentaho.

This special distribution of Kettle includes extensions which enable the use of geospatial (GIS) data. Like Kettle, GeoKettle is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) license.

For further details and to download GeoKettle, please visit the GeoKettle project page.


GeOxygene aims at providing an open framework which implements a large number of OGC/ISO specifications for the development and deployment of applications based on geographic information (GIS).

GeOxygene is released under the terms of the LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) license. It is based on Java and open source technologies and provides users with an extensible object data model (geographic features, geometry, topology and metadata) which implements OGC specifications and ISO standards in the geographic information domain.

Data are stored in a relational DBMS (RDBMS) to ensure a rapid and reliable access to the system but users do not have to worry about any SQL statements: they model their applications in UML and code in Java. Mapping between object and relational environments is performed with open source software. At present, OJB (Apache Foundation) is supported and the mapping files for the storage of geographic information in Oracle or PostGIS are provided to users.

Version 1.0 of GeOxygene has been made available since May 10, 2005. It is an open source contribution of the COGIT laboratory at the IGN. GeOxygene has been designed and developed between 2000 and 2004 by Thierry Badard and Arnaud Braun - both researchers at the COGIT lab. during this period - and has been extended and extensively been tested by other reserchers of the lab.: Sébastien Mustière, Olivier Bonin, David Sheeren and Eric Grosso. GeOxygene is currently used in various laboratories and universities all over the world for the development of research works and for educational purposes.

Current administrators of GeOxygene are Thierry Badard, Arnaud Braun and Éric Grosso. GeOxygene is available on the Sourceforge website at the following URL: